Four Ways Hiring an Event Agency Pays for Itself

January 05, 2017

It’s a common assumption that the DIY approach to event planning saves money by avoiding the cost of a professional consultant. But is that really true? Let’s look at the real cost savings an experienced event agency can produce – savings you may not even know about!

1. An event agency is an experienced guide for a potentially perilous journey. Finding and contracting with a hotel or venue for your meeting or event requires entering into a complex, often intimidating legal agreement.

A professional agency is experienced in the art of negotiation. We know where the budgetary landmines are buried, as well as the extras, upgrades and exceptions which can produce added cost savings.

2. An event agency provides objective information and opinions. Event experts can provide information on how much meeting and event space you will actually require – avoiding either overpaying for more than you need or overflowing when the hotel’s capacity proves inadequate. (Experience shows that hotel capacity charts are rarely accurate.)

Can the hotel really meet your needs? Or are they just trying to close a deal to win your business? What kind of audio-visual equipment will your meeting require? How will you set up the stage? How many people will fit in the space … for a meeting? For a meal? For an Awards Ceremony? What’s included and what’s not?

By understanding your needs, an event agency can provide a range of potential venues in your designated search area to meet all your needs.

3. An event agency provides expanded search power.
Often the most cost effective venues are not actively advertised. An experienced event expert can help you find opportunities not listed on hotel search websites. They’ll use their professional relationships to conduct exhaustive searches to make sure you have all the “inside” information at hand to choose the best site for your event.

4. An event agency provides these services at little or no cost to you. It’s a little-known fact that event agencies generally receive a commission from the hotel which offsets their costs in assessing your needs, selecting a venue, conducting a site selection, and negotiating a contract that provides extra benefits without extra costs.

Find out more today. Before you DIY your next meeting or event, reach out to Corporate Dimensions, the premier event management experts. Through the years we’ve saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars! We’ll lead you through the venue search, shelter you from common pitfalls, negotiate on your behalf, and make sure that you maximize your investment in face-to-face event marketing.

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