Livestreaming 101: Keys to Success

December 03, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 2.19.00 PMConsidering Live Streaming for your next conference?  Live Streaming is rapidly going mainstream as a critical element in successful events.  Live Streaming is a cost-effective audience builder, and it can add enormous value … but it’s important to understand some key prerequisites.


Quality: This should go without saying.  Make sure your Live Streams are the highest quality – both visually and audibly -- to provide your viewers with an enjoyable live experience.

Content is King:  Always plan content first.  What are the key messages? Who is the audience?  How will the Live Stream be distributed? How will it be used after the event?  Make sure there’s always something happening on the screen. Keep it interesting!

Promote Your Broadcast in Advance:  If no one knows about your Live Stream, you won’t have an audience.  Promote the event on your website, on social media, with email blasts – anything to get the word out!

Plan Ahead:  It’s important to plan and test all of your equipment to make sure ensure streaming works the way you want it to.  We recommend testing at least two weeks in advance if you are able.  At minimum, you should test 24 hours before your Live Stream to ensure bandwidth quality, technical functionality, and redundancy. Test all video and audio settings and tools you plan to use in-stream for at least 30 minutes uninterrupted, and turn off any firewalls your computer may be running to ensure the best Internet connection possible.

Involve Your Audience: Get your audience involved by leveraging social, chat, survey and polling technology during the event.  These engagement strategies will amplify and sharpen your message, as your audience shares their experiences and enthusiasm. While not all webcast platforms allow for two-way chat and may be limited to one-way Q&A, you can have a highly interactive experience with your attendees using the chat feature.

Include a Call to Action: Always leave your viewers wanting more.  Your viewers should be prompted to follow you on social media, ask post-event questions in the chat, or tune in to your next event.

Rely on the Experts:  You can depend on Corporate Dimensions to bring the experience and expertise required to make your Live Steaming event a memorable and successful experience!

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