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July 05, 2016


Measuring the success of your meeting or event is even more important today.

In a recent global study, six out of ten CEOs told us that their customers now have significant influence on their organizations. One of the best ways to stay close to and improve your relationships with your customers, channel partners and employees is through well-designed and delivered events.

Using small, inexpensive Bluetooth tracking devices, corporate marketers can generate real-time analytics.

These Bluetooth enabled attendee tracking devices provide a wealth of information because they are used to measure and report on real-time traffic flow and attendance throughout an event.

Throughout the conference, these devices will track when the individual attends an event or breakout session, or when they visit a Sponsor’s booth. We can generate real-time reporting on:

  • Number of attendees at the event and average time spent at the event.
  • Average time spent at sessions/workshops.
  • Capture which attendee went to what session
  • Live active feedback through location based session ratings and surveys.

An added bonus: attendees can exchange contact information simply by tapping their devices together.

But the best thing about this device….. There is no staff intervention or barcode scanning required.

By tracking this information, corporate marketers can create actionable analytics to drive product development, partnerships, and customer acquisition strategies.

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