Survey Shows Large Companies are 60% More Likely to Livestream their Coporate Events

December 03, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 2.19.00 PMClients fear live streaming may decrease attendance, but evidence shows that it typically raises attendance. People who view an event online are more likely to attend in person the following year.

Understanding our client’s content strategy is king when it comes to live streaming.  What are we going to stream? What exactly will the audience be watching? All of that’s important to understand so we can determine how we will execute the production.  We want to make sure our client’s content matches their brand voice and their targeted prospects and customers.

Viewers do not want to watch a graphic slide for five minutes or experience a pause in audio or video. We need to make sure that something’s always happening onscreen. Keep it interesting. That’s what will meaningfully engage the audience.

And…there should always be a call to action at the end of the Live Stream.  Viewers should be prompted to follow you on social media, ask post-event questions in the chat, or tune in to your next event.

Audience engagement after the stream is over is critical in turning your viewers into customers.

Read the study here

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