The top 10 things no one told you to negotiate in your hotel contract

June 28, 2016

Top 10 Things

Hotel contracts can be intimidating. Your whole event is based upon the written clauses in the signed document and if you’re not a lawyer, that seems like an awful lot of pressure.

Amongst all the legal jargon are your concessions. Hotel concessions are the extras, upgrades and exceptions that get negotiated into a hotel contract. There are many things you can ask for, but what is important to remember is to prioritize the concessions for each meeting based on the specific needs of your attendees.

So with so many different types of concessions, how do you choose?

Here is a list of our top 10 most hotel concessions:

1. Complimentary WiFi in guest rooms and meeting space – almost everyone is carrying around a phone, tablet and laptop when they travel, so WiFi is a hot commodity to stay connected.

2. 1 for 40 comp – for every 40 room nights, the hotel will give you one room night for free!

3. Reduced or complimentary Meeting Space Rental Fees - having to pay to rent meeting space on top of all of the other costs you’re incurring sounds crazy, right?

4. Suite Upgrades – whether you’re looking to impress your boss or need a hospitality suite, these upgrades are a huge cost savings.

5. Complimentary room nights for site inspection and pre-planning purposes – as a planner, you know you will be visiting the hotel at least one more time before the event to discuss set ups, see renovation updates or come for a menu tasting, so why not decrease your expenses?

If these first 5 items have got you hooked, click below to get the other 5 concessions and let us show you how CDL can take your meeting, event or tradeshow to the next level.

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