Top 10 Hotel Contract Savings Nobody Ever Told You to Negotiate - Part 1

December 03, 2018

WhoKnew-1Part 1

Hotel contracts are intimidating. They’re designed that way. Think about it from the hotel’s point of view. The contract covers base fees, and everything over and above what’s agreed upon are “extras.” The hotel makes more money from all those extras … even as they drive your budget into the stratosphere.

Sure it’s essential to have an attorney on hand to review the terms of the contract. But it’s equally essential to have CDL at your side at the negotiating table – making sure you get the best deal possible by taking advantage of all the concessions that hotels offer to sweeten the deal … but never offer unless you know to ask. What are some of those perks?

  1. Complimentary WiFi
    Today everyone’s carrying multiple devices with them when they travel – from phones and watches to tablets and laptops. WiFi is essential stay connected. BUT … you or your guests shouldn’t have to pay extra for it!
  2. “1 for 40 Comp”
    For every 40 room nights booked, the hotel will give you one complimentary room night for free! For large events, those comp rooms add up!
  3. Reduced or Complimentary Meeting Space Fees
    You’re already booking a large block of rooms? Having to pay extra for meeting space on top of all of the other costs you’re incurring sounds crazy, right? Yup. Negotiate all your lodging and meeting needs as one package deal.
  4. Suite Upgrades
    Whether you’re looking to impress your boss or a key client … or you need a hospitality suite, these upgrades are a huge cost savings.
  5. Complimentary Room Nights for Site Visits
    As a meeting planner, you know you’ll be visiting the hotel before the event to discuss set-ups, see renovation updates, and participate in a menu tasting. Reduce your expenses by requesting complimentary room nights for inspection and pre-event planning visits.

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