Why You Need to Use a Mobile App at Your Next Conference

August 02, 2016

Mobile App

Want to drive revenue at your next conference?

Conference mobile apps are used 50 to 100 times per day, per attendee on-site. Whether users are opening the app to view their schedules, connect with another attendee or just exploring the app, this is an opportunity for sponsors to reach a customer and for you to take advantage of increasing your revenue.

Check out some of these features.

Branded Splash Screen: What is the first thing each attendee sees as they open your conference app? A sponsor logo or image!

Gamification: Everyone loves a little friendly competition.  Take advantage of the attendees’ competitive edge by using scan-able QR codes and rewarding attendees with points or prizes. Generate attendee interaction and drive traffic to sponsors by creating a game or scavenger hunt!

Location Based Alerts: Allow sponsors to purchase beacons to send location based alerts when an attendee stops at their booth or a location at the conference. Beacons also track attendee traffic patterns throughout the event.

Premium Interactive Ads: An exclusive ad on the most visited page of the conference app? Give sponsors the opportunity to display their own custom, interactive ad on the home screen of the app. Attendees can click directly to the sponsors website or desired page.

Featured Exhibitors: No one wants to get lost in the crowd! Allow featured sponsors stand out amid the list of conference sponsors in the app. A different sponsor can be featured each day.

All great options for sponsors to purchase in order to reach and engage customers as well as create additional revenue for your next conference.

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